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[kūn míng]  



(The capital of Yunnan Province)

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Kunming, also known as Spring City , is the provincial capital of Yunnan Province and the central city of the central Yunnan city group . It is one of the important central cities in western China approved by the State Council [1]  . As of 2018, the city has jurisdiction over 7 districts, 3 counties, 1 county-level city and 3 autonomous counties, with a total area of 21,473 square kilometers, a permanent population of 6.850 million, an urban population of 4,990,200, and an urbanization rate of 72.85. %, the permanent migrant population reached 2.19 million. [2-3] 
Kunming is located in southwestern China and the central part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau . It has a unique location of “connecting Guizhou-Guangxi in the east through the coast, Sichuan-Chongqing into the Central Plains in the north, Vietnam and Datai Cambodia in the south, and Myanmar with India and Pakistan in the west”. channel and to Shenzhen as the starting point of the third seat from east to west Eurasian Continental bridge intersection point, is facing east China in South Asia , South Asia open gateway to the city, located in ASEAN "10 + 1" free trade zone economic circle, the Greater Mekong subregion economic The intersection of the cooperation circle and the Pan-Pearl River Delta regional economic cooperation circle. [4] 
Kunming is a national historical and cultural city . As early as 30,000 years ago, humans lived and multiplied around Dianchi Lake ; Dian Kingdom was established in 278 BC and its capital was established here; Nanzhao Kingdom built and extended the east city in 765, which was the beginning of Kunming's construction; In the late Ming Dynasty, the Yongli regime of Nanming established its capital in Kunming. Kunming has a monsoon climate in the northern subtropical low-latitude plateau mountain. It is a mountainous landform, surrounded by mountains on three sides, bordering Dianchi Lake in the south, and beautiful scenery along the lake. Due to its location on the low-latitude plateau , it has a climate of "all seasons like spring " and enjoys the reputation of Spring City ". [5] 
China Kunming Import and Export Commodities Fair , China International Tourism Fair , China Kunming International Tourism Festival make Kunming one of China's major exhibition cities. [6] In  2018, it ranked 23rd among the best commercial cities in mainland China, and re-identified the national sanitary city (district). [7]  In December 2019, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission named Kunming as a "National Model City for National Unity and Progress." [8]